Digital Marketing, 5 advantages

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Digital marketing is a tool that, like traditional marketing, aims to promote products or services, this time through digital means. It makes it possible to take advantage of new technologies to strengthen customer relations and loyalty to the company, reduce costs and increase revenue. That's why many companies are investing in their online presence.

Pragmatically, Digital Marketing allows companies and entrepreneurs to be better prepared to generate value in their relationship with customers, maintain their competitive advantage over the competition, optimise resources and boost results with fewer costs.

The many advantages of Digital Marketing include:

  1. Increased awareness of your company and its services. All of this is for a tiny fraction of the investment you would have made with traditional marketing. Through a digital strategy, you will gain authority and recognition online. Which brings me to the second advantage.
  2. Generation of qualified contacts, known as leads. In other words, digital marketing allows you to very finely segment the target audience you want to reach. It will enable you to get a much more specific audience - people already interested in your products and services. This allows you to focus exclusively on these people, reducing the effort and investment in attracting customers and guiding the potential customer on a rewarding journey through discovery, engagement and, ultimately, conversion.
  3. The virtually unlimited reach it gives your company. Spatial barriers no longer make sense. Your company now has an impact not only locally but also nationally and internationally. For years, geographical localisation was one of small and medium-sized businesses' biggest barriers to growth. It was not only difficult but expensive to gain access to audiences that weren't local or national. But the Internet is available in most parts of the world, so the reach of Digital Marketing is now global.
  4. The costs of investing in Digital Marketing are lower, with the added advantage of being more assertive. custos de investimento This is because they are measurable and adjustable in real-time.
  5. Finally, through an integrated website and social media strategy, you can ensure your company/business is open 24 hours a day,365 days a year. No matter where you are in the country or where you sell your product, your "online business" can be found.

Digital marketing can seem daunting because of its scale, impact and relevance on our society and businesses. That's why it can no longer be ignored or pushed under the carpet.

Standing still is no longer an option! Get your team together, structure a plan, orlook for a partner to guide you along the way and help you take your business to the next level!

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